Monday, November 30, 2009

Most Awesome Trade From Joe V

Last week I previewed a monster trade with reader Joe V. If you recall, Joe sent me a humongous stack of quality Orioles, and a few other cards, along with a sealed retail box of 2008 Topps Chrome Football. The box break is going to have to wait for another day (it'll be soon, I promise), but in the meantime, here are some of the great cards Joe sent me in exchange for the Chase Utley Sweet Spot autograph from my 2006 Sweet Spot break a few weeks back. I have to admit I was hesitant to give the Utley up, but Joe made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

There are so many cards here it would take me all day to write a blurb on each one. I am going to give it my best shot, so strap on your seat belts, and behold the bounty a Chase Utley autograph can garner.

2009 Allen & Ginter's Creatures of Myth, Legend & Terror - Hydra
I think this leaves me only needing 2 more cards for a complete Creatures set. I'd love to wrap this up by New Year's, so please check my want list, and contact me if you've got either of the final cards I need. It will be worth your while, trust me.

2009 Goudey Nick Markakis green mini
Not sure what the green means, but one (this one) would guess that it's a short printed parallel of some sort. I didn't have it before, so it's another new one for the Markakis collection. Sweet!

1997 UD3 Cal Ripken Jr. ProMotion
This card is pretty cool. I don't have many of these cards, so it's nice to get another one, and a Ripken no less. The late 90's were full of awesome looking cards, or so it seems.

2009 Topps Frank Robinson Legends of the Game
Somehow no one had traded me this card yet. What's wrong with you people?

2009 Sweet Spot Adam Jones
The legend of Adam Jones is growing about as fast as my collection of his cards. Not exactly the most flattering picture, and blowing bubbles while running the bases seems like a choking hazard. Does baseball need a choking hazard warning label?

2007 Upper Deck Spectrum Cal Ripken Road to the Hall
'07 Spectrum was a whole lot nicer than '09 Spectrum. Mark it.

2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Nick Markakis By The Letter autograph

Jackpot! Manu-patch or no, this is one sweet looking card, and it's already catapulted itself to the top 3 Markakis autographs in my entire collection.

2009 Allen & Ginter's Burke Kenny relic
The nona-fecta is officially complete! If anyone knows where I could locate a printing plate, or wood mini, please let me know. At this point, I might as well go for it all. No guts, no glory.

I am officially out of things to say about the cards below. They are all parallels, and almost all needed. Parallels aren't the kind of cards you seek out and purchase on eBay because it's not worth paying the shipping most of the time. I love getting them in trades though, and Joe came through in a major way with quite a few for me.

2008 Topps Chrome Adam Jones x-fractor

2008 Topps Chrome Brian Roberts refractor

2009 Topps Finest Brian Roberts green refractor #'d /99

2008 Topps Stadium Club Brian Roberts photographers proof #'d /99

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Nick Markakis red parallel

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Nick Markakis green parallel

2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Nick Markakis green parallel

2009 Upper Deck P.O.H. Nick Markakis Stadium Scenes red parallel #'d /75

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Brian Roberts black parallel #'d /50

2007 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Brian Roberts jersey relic
Some damage around the jersey window. Typical Upper Deck.

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Brian Roberts red parallel

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum Brian Roberts red parallel

2008 Topps Chrome Ray Lewis copper refractor

2008 Topps Chrome Joe Flacco refractor
Big win last night dude. EPIC!

So there you have it, and that's not even everything Joe sent me. It's amazing what you can get for a Chase Utley autograph. Thanks a lot for the great trade Joe, and I hope you enjoy your cards as much as I am enjoying mine.

Oh, I almost forgot, Joe sent me a sealed 24-pack retail box of 2008 Topps Chrome Football as well. It was pretty fun to bust, and the results will be posted later this week. I don't really collect anything Football outside of the Ravens and Dwayne Bowe, so all cards will be for trade.


  1. Those are some really great cards. I agree with you on getting parallels on ebay, so I usually look for them in trades as well.


  2. So... um... how do I get in on a trade with Joe V?

  3. Wow, that is certainly a haul . . . nice!