Monday, November 2, 2009

Topps is Officially Dead To Me

Well... almost. I'm definitely EXTREMELY pissed off at them right now, and when I type EXTREME in all caps, I mean business.

Today I got home from work to find an envelope from Duryea, PA waiting for me on our kitchen table. This is normally a great thing to come home to, and I am waiting on about 5 redemptions from Topps, so this could have been anything right?

WRONG! What it was is an absolute fucking disaster, and something I may never forgive Topps for.

More information to follow tomorrow. For now, I have emailed Clay Luraschi, the brand manager for Topps, and am awaiting his response.

I'll give you a hint, and that hint is "meow".


  1. So, I take it the Goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain?

  2. interested to see what this is??? At first I thought it had to do with your etymology... then I realized that was UD... so now I am clueless

  3. I hope you did slightly better than the guy who had his Osterman card replaced with a Corey Patterson bat card. If you did as well, I'm so sorry!

  4. I think a bunch of people haven't been able to get Cat's auto if that's the issue...

  5. maybe you'll finally get that Rich Hill auto you've always wanted?


    Could this happen?

  7. Join the club. '09 Topps is still officially banished from my site after the black border bait & switch. Which makes things tough since I bought a pack of U&H in a moment of weakness and pulled a Tommy Hanson rookie.

    Maybe you could make lemonade out of Topps lemons and hold a contest and have people guess what horrible useless replacement card you got instead. My guess: Eric Gagne bat card.