Saturday, January 9, 2010

Worst. Masterpieces. Break. Ever.

I love 2008 Masterpieces. Even though I've only done three proper reviews using the Beard-O-Meter, I gave this product the highest rating yet, a full Grizzly Adams, which is one step below the pinnacle of beardiness itself. All of that aside, this was a miserable hobby box. Along with the cards seen below, I also pulled 4 black framed parallels, 3 of which were doubles.

#'d to 75, and the best card of the break. I think this is windsor green frame, but only I Am Joe Collector knows for sure.

Wow, a game-used hit of a guy who at the moment is out of baseball.

Too bad it's not 2004 anymore, or Jack would be sporting black & orange, and I would be pleased as punch to have pulled this card. While typing this post, Cust struck out 4 times. It doesn't matter that baseball season is still 3 months away, Jack Cust strikes out in his sleep.

Still not that bad for $35 plus shipping, but I can't think of too many hits worse than these two. All cards are for trade if anyone is interested. My black-framed parallel want list can be found HERE, if you want to help out.


  1. I'm definitely interested in the V-Mart. When I get home from work I'll get back to you.

  2. Ouch, rough hobby box. I'm in the middle of box one of two that I recently purchased through Blowout (retail variety). I LOVE this set...

    The line about Cust cracked me up, though. Wasn't he the guy that once fell down trying to get to home plate against the Yankees, AND THERE WAS NOBODY EVEN COVERING HOME!?!! It was a few years back... I was at that game, too. Hilarious.

  3. Ah, Stumblin Jack Cust. I believe he tripped coming around third base at least twice that season...Orioles Magic!

  4. Ouch that was pretty bad. Take away the Cust auto and that Hobby box is not all that far from a retail type box.

    Just wrap 'em all back up in the wrappers and return them. Tell them you don't want them after all.

  5. That sucks. You can't win em all. But that was a loss for sure.

  6. How can it be the worst Masterpieces break ever (with periods for emphasis) when you got a Red Victor?

    And also, my Sean Henn SOG Auto would like a word with you.

    Overall, though, I have to agree that it was pretty bad, what with the doubles and all.

  7. Eww, that was bad. Where did you get your box from? $35 seems like a pretty good price for Masterpieces.

  8. It was one of the Blowout weekend specials. It was actually $38 delivered or something like that. I couldn't say no.