Sunday, January 10, 2010

Even More Trades From Across The Blogosphere

Yes, that's right Thorzul, another dullard of a trade post.

First up we have some cards from Jay, of the recently defunct The Mojo Hand blog. I don't know about you guys, but I miss Jay, and hope he makes his triumphant return to the blogosphere post haste. I'm not just saying that because I recently won a Griffey Jr. autograph in his contest either. The Mojo Hand is greatly missed. This may be the first trade I've ever posted that does not contain a single Orioles card.

09 Donruss Certified Materials Kenny Britt Souvenir Stamps

While this card is still sort of cool, it's not near as cool as the older incarnations that actually used old postage. There's something about seeing "" on a football card that doesn't sit quite right with me. Britt was my rookie WR du jour this season, and spent time on all 3 of the fantasy teams I managed. WR is the one position where most of the youngsters I have a good feeling about go on to have pretty good rookie campaigns. At every other position, "my guys" don't ever pan out.

2009 Bowman Chrome Joe Flacco green refractor #'d 75/99
If my Ravens are going to take down the evil Patriots and the hooded one this afternoon, my boy "Cup a Joe" is going to have to play better. He holds the ball too long, and ends up taking too many sacks as a result. This is the second season in a row that I feel like they are just a big, play-making wide receiver away from a Lombardi Trophy. It would be great to be proven wrong today.

2008 Upper Deck SP Lawrence Jackson Rookie Threads auto

I don't know much about this guy, aside from the fact that he was a low first round pick of the Seahawks in the 2008 draft. It's too early to call him a bust, but I certainly haven't seen him on Sportscenter either.

2009 Topps Finest Dwayne Bowe refractor

A few years ago Bowe was the rookie wide receiver that started my run of psychic prognosticating ability. He's still one of my favorites in the game, and for the sake of his career I hope he is able to make it out of Kansas City soon. A trade to the Ravens would make me the happiest fan in all the land.

Next up are a few of the cards sent to me by Ed, of Roll Out the Barrel fame. He posted his '08 Allen & Ginter wantlist a week or two ago, and I still have 3 boxes of doubles laying around. It seemed like a match made in heaven. I didn't even want anything in return, since box space is very much in demand these days. Well, Ed sent me some cards back anyway. I can't say I'm disappointed about that either.

2004 Topps Oriole Prospects Nick Markakis/Adam Loewen

A new Markakis! Thanks Ed. This one is a bonus, cause it's also got Adam Loewen on it too. I still believe in Adam. This will be the year he goes Ankiel on us. Mark it dude.

2009 Topps 206 Koji Uehara "Rookie" short print

It would have been smart of me to scan the back of this card too. We all know why it's not here.

2009 Topps Heritage High #'s Chrome Nolan Reimold Rookie Star

Great looking card right there. Can't wait to get the base version as well. Believe it or not, I haven't opened a single pack of Heritage High. For some reason I always lose interest by the time series 2 and high number sets come out. Wanna go ride bikes?

2009 Goodwin Champions Great White Shark Animal Series

My first Greg Norman card. Gotta love the Shaaaaaahhhk.

Big thanks as always to both Mojo and Ed for the great cards. Just like last week, if anyone needs me I'll be on the couch, in front of the TV, biting my nails.


P.S. If you haven't yet voted for your hobby favorites in the 2009 Gummies, you have 14 hours left to do so. I am currently trailing the Troll by 19 votes for Best New Cardblog. It's been pretty close the whole time, and there have been over 270 votes cast. Pretty impressive if you ask me.


  1. I'm a big fan of the Troll, but you got my vote, dude.

    Love the shark card, BTW...freakin' sweet.

  2. From a Steelers a fan, we are indebted for one day to Joe Flacco for eliminating Boy Brady from the playoffs.

    Nice Flacco green by the way.