Friday, January 15, 2010

The Bearded Prospector

Prospecting is not an aspect of the hobby that I embrace whole heartedly, but with these two cards, I just couldn't help myself. The Hobgood is the only one that could possibly be viewed as an investment right now, seeing as he was a first round pick and all, but the Flacco is pure novelty. He was a thirty-frist round draft pick, and his being in the O's organization just might have something to do with his brother. You think? The back of his card does say that he's a gifted athlete, and has a compact swing. It'd be cool with me if the Flacco brothers ran Baltimore one day.

2009 BDPP Matt Hobgood xfractor auto #51/225
225 seems like a fairly arbitrary print run number. Don't get me wrong, I've seen worse (cough...Upper Deck...cough), but why not 250?

2009 BDPP Michael Flacco gold refractor #43/50

Only 2 numbers higher than his draft round, thus making it a true 1/1! The Flacco brothers are so talented that in 2012 Joe Flacco will play third base for the Orioles and lead them to a World Championship, while his brother Mikey will quarterback the Ravens to a perfect 14-0 record. There will be no Super Bowl that year due to the apocalypse, which occurs on December 21st. Rumor has it that Matt Weiters was so jealous of the brothers he single-handedly destroys earth, thus proving that he is in fact a deity. See you all on the other side bitches!

Picked them both up on eBay for right around $25, which isn't too bad for some hometown rookie refractors. Watch your back Garrett Atkins, cause Mikey Flacco is coming to get you. This season.

Mark it dude.


  1. Matt Wieters can get jealous? I don't believe it.

  2. Judging by the penmanship, Hobgood's hand gets tired quickly. #/250 probably too much to hope for!

  3. I may have to hop on the Hobgood Bandy with you. He is a cali boy like myself. I read a nice piece on him, and the scouts at CSF. I still think he should have at least done two years. It would have helped him a lot, and he could have signed for a lot more $$$, but I guess he wanted to play with the big boys.

    The O's farms are barren wastelands.

  4. Tommy Hanson was drafted in the 22nd round and he turned out okay...ya just never know with prospects.

  5. Great Wieters comment. I sure don't want to piss that guy off.