Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fear and Loathing In The Mailbox

I suspect that GCRL has tried to bip me, and I can't prove it without being bipped, but I think he's trying to get me man. In order to confirm this attempted bip, I would have to open the packages pictured below, thus making myself even more vulnerable to a possible bipping, which may in fact be the package's intent.

Somebody call the Bip Squad. There was no email from GCRL. No trade agreement in place. This was just a random package with the misfortune to have arrived in the heart of bipping season. As you can see from the photo below they don't have the most enticing of cards sitting on top. In the note that was attached CGRL stated that he was "sending me some O's in the hopes that I would send him some Dodgers instead of them always going to Night Owl". I gotta be honest, 1989 Topps is not exactly the way to my collecting heart, and something about this whole thing just reeks a bit. Knowing full well that there was already some dubious mail en-route to two of my favorite frenemies, Thorzul & Motherscratcher, there was no way I could open these cards and leave myself so defenseless. Karma was not about to bip me so quickly.

Am I paranoid? Maybe. A fool? Well.... I'll leave that one up to you. Yesterday, after they had been sitting on my table for 3 days unopened, I decided to drop GCRL an email, to let him know that his suspicious package had arrived a few days ago, and that I was not about to open for fear that there was nothing but a limerick and pain inside. He was nice enough to reply, and confirm my worst fear.

I have been Bipped, but am currently in denial about it. The cards are still unopened, but they've already penetrated the fortress walls. There is a crook in my kingdom. It's only a matter of time before I break down and wonder if there are 14 Larry Sheets' in there, or 7 Joe Orsulaks. My paranoia has gotten the best of me. Look at Mark Williamson's mustache staring at me. Mocking me. ME of all people! He has the nerve to mock me. You would do that, wouldn't you.
The package with the Ravens cards in it doesn't look quite as sketchy, but I've got to stay strong here. Can't surrender to the temptation.


You'll never catch me!

*Link courtesy of Jon, from Rain of Error.


  1. That was terrible of gcrl. I say don't send him a single Dodger. Continue to send them all to me.

  2. lol.... Ya'll are a bunch of mother bippers ....

  3. Maybe you can send the packages along to someone else. Someone who isn't aware of the trap that's been set. Have them trigger it and then innocently ask them if they enjoyed the cards.

  4. You guys are all out of your bipping minds.

  5. That link at the bottom was hilarious.