Thursday, January 21, 2010

Topps Pristine Video Break

Welcome to my first video break. Going forward I promise not to be such a goober, and to actually hold the cards in front of the camera, and not off to the side. You know, so you can actually SEE them and stuff.

Both of these sealed blister packs (one 2003 & one 2004) came from eBay, and were a ton of fun to bust. I understand why this product is no longer around, as it is very similar to Finest, but the cards are still very nice. One thing that makes no sense to me is the whole "uncirculated" thing. These things are inserted into packs. Doesn't that count as "circulation"? I understand that they come in nifty hard cases, sealed with Topps foil stickers for safety, but how does that make a card "uncirculated"?

The Video:

The Goods:

Sweet! #'d to 1599. Not sure what this card is worth, but I know it's one of the better pulls in the '03 release.

Chavez is one of those players who haunts me. This has to be at least the third Eric Chavez "hit" I've pulled since starting this blog.

#'d to 1999. Not sure why I scanned this card. Probably because it's numbered. That's about the only way a damn Yankee makes it onto this site.

Cards like this are what I was afraid of when purchasing these packs. You only get one shot at an "uncirculated" refractor, and most of them are of rookies & prospects. We all know how that game goes.

I like bat relics, and I like Mike Piazza. Good times were had by all.

#'d to 1999 or something like that. It might be numbered to something lower, but I am at work right now, and can't check the back to be sure. I know it's not the "common" rookie variation, so it might be numbered to something slightly lower. Nippert is currently with the Texas Rangers, and enjoyed his best statistical season as a pro in 2009.

Certainly wasn't expecting to pull this "Big Puma" autograph. If you watched the video, you can see the look of surprise in mine eyes. This scan is plain crummy and the card looks a lot better in person. They tried to do the whole "etched metal" thing, and it looks much better when the card is in hand.

For only being a 2 pack break, there were some decent cards to be had here. I've got another pack of each on the way that I paid even less for. Hopefully, they aren't a letdown after pulling the Howard and Berkman cards.


  1. Kind of a Pinnacle Museum Collection thing going on this the Berky. Nice least Hawksworth is in the bigs though.

  2. I think that the "uncirculated" comes from the fast that they aren't in the regular packs. I believe that the inner-most pack is the normal pack. Then they add a gameused card and bundle it in the second pack. lastly they created these "uncirculated" refractors and packaged them in with the product, thus creating the blister pack. These blister packs were most likely created after the initial release of the normal packs, and therefore are not considered as "circulated". I honestly have no clue though, I could just be spouting a load of BS lol. Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. I love the creativity on these cards, and I actually LIKE the look of the "going going gone" relic design. Anything beats the boring ol square.

  4. I have GOT to find something to trade you for the Berkman.

  5. This set is so great. I sometimes but the "uncirculated" cards on Ebay, cheap, then crack em open and put them in my books. They cards look great but I want to look at them, not shove a Melvin Mora into a box because of the case.

    The entire set is wonderful. Sticker autos is perhaps the only drawback.

  6. Sweet pull on the Berkman auto. I always like Topps Pristine, even moreso now that you can find packs for about $10 on eBay. Best thing I ever pulled out of one was an Alex Rodriguez/Derek Jeter/Kenny Lofton triple bat card. At least your uncirculated rookies made it to the majors.

  7. I bought a hobby box of these way back. I actually really enjoyed the set. Though my unciruclated was a no name and I have no idea where it is right now.

    Did you fix your hair for the video?

  8. My hair looks that good ALL the time. If anything, I am in need of a haircut.

  9. I don't really know what I'd have for trade, but what would you be looking for for the Hawksworth?

  10. Nice Hawksworth.

    Hey Im going to give you a ring tomorrow evening FOR SURE. Let me know what you want to do with the remaining packs ( or how much I owe you) I will send it off with the Hernandez auto Tomorrow ( I get paid).



  11. Nice job on the break. Nice job on the video. And, nice job on the beard.

    Out of all the cards you pulled, the one that is the most fun to say is definitely the Nippert.


  12. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn