Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2008 Allen & Ginter World Leader Minis Wantlist

Didn't even realize how close I am to completing this set until just now. Granted, I'm not that close, but it seems doable. Guess that's what happens when you start getting organized.

WL5, WL7, WL25, WL36, WL43, WL46, WL48

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Beardy, I have 4 WL dupes, don't know what numbers... They are at home where i will be in about 15 hours... I'll let you know whaat I have and ship them tomorrow with the Ancient Icons card... Good luck!

  2. I used to have a whole bunch of doubles of these....now down to just 3 but one of them is ...wait I am looking up National Heroes...you want 08 world leaders...dude I have a ton of them...dang I only have 5 of the ones you need: WL21 WL24 WL27 WL33 WL50.
    Mark em off they are yours! If anyone else needs any of the the World Leaders I have many, many more

  3. Damn, I found my cards-I have 1, 9, 12 and 31. Sorry... I'll keep a lookout...

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