Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trades From Across The Blogosphere

Excuse my absence for the past couple of days. There's a lot going on on beardyland, and we may become homeowners in the next few weeks. Pretty overwhelming if you ask me. Anyway, back to the card stuff.

Since there's always a whole lot of tradin' goin' on, I've decided this is going to become a weekly feature, cards allowing of course.

First up is a card from Marck, the Collective Troll. He's got one of the best card blogs around, and is also an extremely generous collector. After seeing that he had been busting some '08 Ginter boxes, I dropped him an email to see if he had pulled any Ancient Icons mini cards, since it was a set I had been thinking about chasing. The card below was sent to me in exchange for absolutely nothing. That's right, FREE. I know the Troll likes Brian Roberts, and I happen to have a TON of B-Rob cards laying around. His generosity will surely not be overlooked.

2008 Allen & Ginter Ancient Icons minis Quetzalcoatl

This is what Homer saw after eating the hot peppers at the chili festival.

Next up are a few cards from Ron over at Section 36. He had originally emailed me about a Ginter World Leader mini, but sent these great cards along as well. I deem our first trade a rousing success.

2009 Topps 206 Aubrey Huff Cycle back mini #'d /99
Probably should have scanned the back of this one instead. Sorry guys.

2007 Upper Deck Erik Bedard Game Materials relic

Does anyone know what's going on with this guy right now? It's doubtful that anyone outside of Seattle or Baltimore gives a damn, but Bedard has gone AWOL. There are doubts he will even be able to pitch next season. Pishawww!

2000 Topps Stars Brooks Robinson Spotlights

If only he could take charge of his hairline like he could a dribbler down the third base line. This is a nice card, and a new one for the Brooks collection.

2001 Upper Deck Decade Eddie Murray Award Winners '78 ROY

Has the ability to look badass even during an awkward backswing. You think he made contact?

Next up are some cards from Joe over at Cobb & Halladay. Since helping me complete the great Burke Kenny nona-fecta, Joe has become one of my favorite people to trade with, and I think this is our third or fourth completed trade.

2006 Playoff Contenders Haloti Ngata autograph
Haloti sort of has chick handwriting. This is the second rookie auto I have of his, both of them are signed with #96, which must have been what he wore at Oregon. He's always worn #92 as a pro.

2008 Upper Deck SP Threads Dwayne Bowe/Eddie Royal dual relic #'d /199

My first Dwayne Bowe relic! What the heck happened to Eddie Royal anyway? He set the fantasy football world on fire as a rookie, but didn't do diddly-poo this past season. I blame the system. At first I blamed Orton, but he actually had a pretty decent season.

2008 Upper Deck Team USA Brian Matusz National Team jersey

This guy is going to be one of a few of the O's young guns with a chance to really step up this season. With the lineup that Andy McPhail has put together, it'll only take one or two of the young arms to flourish for the Orioles to threaten the .500 mark this season. Mark it dude. Baby steps.

2008 Bowman Ray Rice refractor

Another Ray Rice rookie for my player collection. You all know how I feel about Baltimore's other Ray by now, and I was pretty happy to get this card.

Well... that's that. Another great round of trades scanned, posted and commented upon for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Marck, Ron & Joe for the great cards. If you haven't already gotten them, your cards should hit the mail in the next few days.

Also a big thank you to Baseball Dad and The Average Joe for sending me some cards from my Goodwin Champions want list. I'm still a long way from finishing, but progress is progress.


  1. The house-buying process is like a full time job, isn't it? I was so happy when it was over, but also bored because it had consumed my life for eight months (yes, EIGHT months. Thank you, rock bottom prices in San Diego...). It seriously gave me a few gray hairs, AND I'M FREAKIN' 27.

  2. House hunting is fun, but it isn't... I hope all goes well for ya, I'd hate to see ya looking like Brooks... He should seriously never remove his hat when cameras are present...

  3. Haloti did indeed wear #96 for the Ducks. image.

  4. I was a nervous wreck during the house-buying process. It'll calm down.

    I was never aware that Brooks had such hair issues at a young age! I must've always seen him wearing a cap.

  5. you tell Mr Ngata that he has chick handwriting...

  6. BEARDY(and anyone else reading): I am also trying to complete this set, will you please direct any offers for ones you have already over to me?
    I'll get you back.

  7. Season 8, Episode 9 - El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer

  8. When you settle on the house, take the time to enjoy when they ask you for your autograph on 17,000 papers. It'll make you feel like you're under contract to a card company.

  9. Just in case Naloti is reading this...I think his writing is very manly. I need to bust a box of that 08 A&G.

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