Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bipped Again! This Time It's Personal

You're nice enough to send a guy a Jordan Zimmerman autograph, and this is what he sends in return. The nerve of some people! As I briefly mentioned last week, this Bipping is brought to you courtesy of Matt from Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. I'm guessing that once the Jayhawks season is over, there probably isn't much to do in Lawrence, but that is surely no excuse to reach out and Bip someone.

Matt started things off by sending me a 1995 Upper Deck Armando Benitez card....

Followed by FOUR 1986 Topps Sammy Stewarts.
All of this was innocent enough, and didn't cut near as deep as my first Bipping, at the hands of GCRL. But then I saw it...
This is "it"

The dreaded double "g" spelling of Greg, which happens to be my name. Matt knows this.
Matt knows that I have written in the past about my dislike for the nonsensical double "g" butchering of my first name. He knew.
He knew yet he sent the cards anyway. The balls on this friggin' guy!

I guess since this card was sent along as well, I can't be that mad. Another Brooks relic for the player collection. It's not actually a bat though, it's a piece of wood from a park bench that Brooks sat in one time. The back says "Congratulations, you have received a piece of wood".

2005 Donruss Champions Brooks Robinson relic

Thanks for the cards Matt.... I guess. I want you to keep it in the back of your mind that maybe, just maybe, I will seek vengeance. Probably not, cause I'm lazy, but I could.


  1. Sammy Stewart is in a prison that is right down the street from my work. He'll be there for a while.

  2. Six Benitez's? Let's see he hit Paul O'neill between the 2 & 4 to ignite a great brawl in 1998. 2 + 4 = 6. A grand conspiricy?

  3. Man, that 1995 UD Star Rookie is enough to make me glad I laid off the cards for a few years. Whew.

    Hey Bearded One, I have some Goodwin Champions you need. Drop me an email. cjcrook@gmail

  4. How about that! I was going to write a smartass comment about Sammy Stewert being in jail and not being able to sign TTM and Quinton is right there! We should all send Quinton some Sammy cards and a carton of cigs. Maybe he can get Sammy to sign for us!

    I still get excited seeing those Gregg Olson cards. With the #1 Draft Pick and Rated Rookie designations I felt like I'd struck gold every time I pulled one of his cards, which was often.