Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old School From COMC

You've heard me sing the praises of in the past, and I will spare you the plug this time. The cards should speak for themselves. Lately I've been looking to beef up the retired player team autograph collection, and will always pick up vintage cards for a good price, especially those of guys enshrined in Cooperstown.

1959 Topps Red Schoendienst
For $2? Are you kidding me? No. Brainer.

2004 Upper Deck Legends Eddie Watt "Timeless Teams" autograph
I detailed Eddie's career a bit in a post from earlier this week. It's cool to have his autograph, and it didn't cost me more than a couple of dollars. I really like this release, even if Upper Deck did just recycle the design for '08 Timeline, and it's a prime example of an autograph card done right. The signature is on card, and there isn't a ton of gaudy foilboard or shiny crap to distract from the excellent photo and clean autograph of Mr. Watt.

2004 Upper Deck Legends Boog Powell "Timeless Teams" autograph
Same set, better player. There was a giant hole in my autograph collection that has now been filled. Booger is a Baltimore legend, and anytime you can pick up an on-card auto of a former league MVP who also happens to play for your favorite team....

2001 Topps Archives Paul Blair Rookie Reprints refractor autograph

This is my second Paul Blair autograph. The other one is also a refractor, but is from 2003 Finest. Both of them cost me less than $2, and both of them are on-card. Can't beat that! I am DONE with sticker autographs, and the majority of them are being sold and/or traded from my collection.

Also picked up this beaut, which while not being vintage, or an auto, and despite containing Miguel Tejada, who is one of my least favorite O's of all time, is still a pretty sweet card.

2006 Topps Triple Threads Tejada/Murray/Robinson triple relic
Check out that 3-color Brooksie goodness! I've said it before, and I'll say it again... sticker autos do not belong in high-end products, and that's while Triple Threads autos suck. The relics however... are pretty nice, and this is a perfect example of that point.

Enjoy these posts while you can, cause you never know when they may be gone. Read whatever you would like into that extremely vague statement. Chances are it means nothing.... or everything. It's all subjective.


  1. That photo of Murray on that triple relic is insanely awesome.

    By the way, I have that same Eddie Watt autograph, but with a different photo. Apparently there was 2 autographed cards of him in that set. Interested? I can email you a scan later if you want.

  2. uh-oh...sounds like somebody is getting married.

  3. It's a very well kept secret that Boog Powell pulled more ass than any other 5 ballplayers combined. I've always attributed it to his stunning good looks.

    WV: ephing

    As in: "Beardy is pretty ephing cryptic at the end of this post."

  4. In 100 years every single card blogger writing today will be dead.

    Except Lucy.

    She'll be President of Saturn.

  5. That Red S. is making me salivate...he's one of my favorites.