Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let the Doldrums Begin!

As the whole world just saw, the Baltimore Ravens were eliminated from the playoffs by Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. The Ravens played a terrible game, and I am starting to have doubts about Joe Flacco's decision making. He hold on to the ball too long, and loves to throw deep passes into double coverage. He either has to be hurt, or there is a chance that maybe he won't be as good as everyone thought.

I never expected the Ravens to make the playoffs after they fell to 5-5 back in November, so all in all it was a pretty good season. Ray Rice had his coronation season, and it looks like he's got a chance to become a legitimate NFL star. Between Flacco and Rice, the future of Ravens football should be exciting.

These next few months are always the hardest for me in terms of my sports fanhood. Without the Ravens or Orioles to root for February feels like it has 82 days instead of only 28.

March Madness can't get here soon enough.

Hey you! Stop throwing so many checkdowns to Ray Rice and look downfield.

For now, I am pledging my allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys, also known as America's Team. Ever heard of them?


  1. Ah, too bad. I don't follow football but I like to see any Baltimore team do well.

  2. You should be rooting for the Cowboys ALL the time!

  3. Ravens just need a receiver besides Mason, he checks down every play because Rice is their only receiving threat.

  4. C'mon Beardy...the Cowboys, really?

    You should be pulling for a Saints-Chargers Super Bowl, so Brees can shit on his former employers who didn't want to re-sign him.

    Anyways....if the Ravens can grab a deent Wr in the draft, they will be alright next year.

  5. I know that you would know I was lying if I said I was disappointed, so I won't. I'll just say that I take no pleasure in your personal pain over this outcome. Hopefully, somewhere, Modell is suffering from a severe case of hemorrhoids.

    I was wondering what the locals think of Flacco? He does seem to be regressing a bit. Is there any support for giving my man Troy Smith a shot? I'm admittedly a huge homer, but I'd love to see him playing somewhere.

  6. It's not the throwing into double coverage that's the problem. Tom Brady does that all the time. It's just that Brady has Randy Moss on the other end.

  7. I am a Cowboys fan first, a Ravens fan second... Talk about your crappy weekend! Mason is one of my all time favorite players, but at this point of his career, He is a #2 (a #2 receiver, not #2 like poo), and they have no #1.

  8. Please don't root for my favorite teams anymore Beardy!! Of course I was hoping San Diego would win today as well, so we see how well my support worked out.

  9. Thanks for jinxing the Cowboys.

    You're right...didn't think we'd make the playoffs, and beating the Patriots was worth it. However, the poor showing at Indy, featuring too many passes dropped, was depressing. Add that to another year older for Ray Lewis, and the 50% chance of losing Ed Reed, makes next year another transition year. Looks like we're going to have to do some major roster changes this offseason.

    Question: is it finally time to lure a big time receiver? Heap's a shell, Mason's gone, and Clayton/Demetrius just doesn't look like a competent receiving corps.

    Finally, I'm going to cheer for the NFC...let's go Saints or Vikings!

  10. Pop- Yeah, they'll probably lose some players this offseason. I'm not worried about Ray though. He looked great this year.

    Yes it's definitely big reciever time. I don't want Brandon Marshall either. It's Dwayne Bowe or bust.

    I'm cheering for the J-E-T-S. The jinx is on.