Saturday, January 2, 2010

This Just In....

Stale Gum has announced his 2009 Gummie Award nominees, which can be seen HERE. I am absolutely humbled and flattered to be nominated for Best New Cardblog! I didn't even know Chris Harris knew who I was. It is up to you dear readers, to decide who the winners shall be, but I sure would like you to cast a vote for me while you're also picking your favorites from all of the other wonderful categories.

While it is truly an honor to even be nominated, it would be even better to receive some recognition. I have worked hard over the past 7 months to keep this blog entertaining, and seem to have built up a decent following in the process. Anyone who thinks this is easy has another thing coming. If you are a frequent or daily reader, I need your vote, and all the support I can get.

Voting starts tomorrow, so be sure to check out all of the nominees, and cast your votes accordingly. The power is in your hands, dear readers. The power is in your hands.


  1. woah, whadyaknow? Well you've got my vote anyways!

  2. Oh I got nominated too! Fight to the death Beardy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You've got a great blog Jeff, so there should be no surprise there.

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  5. Im torn on which one of you to vote for.

    I think I will flip a coin.