Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Topps Pristine 2 Pack Break

I got these from the same seller as the first break, but decided against recording this one. It was probably for the best, as the pulls aren't near as exciting this time around. The EPA must have given Topps hell for all the wrappers this product generated. If you're not already familiar, these are packaged as a pack inside of a pack inside of a larger pack. Yes folks, THREE wrappers for one pack of cards. No wonder the Earth is rapidly warming (or cooling, depending on who you talk to).

Last time we started with the 2003 pack, so this time around it's 2004 that will be first up to bat. After opening the larger outer wrapper, I found this card (and another pack):

Shingo Takatsu uncirculated refractor #'d /499
I think this is of the uncommon variety, but it's hard to find solid info on this set.

After opening the second, slightly smaller pack, I found this card (and yet another pack):

Manny Ramirez Going, Going, Gone bat relic
Ahh, the good old days, when Topps actually let you know your chunk of wood is in fact from a game-used bat. It was so long ago that Manny still had short hair.

Each pack also contains one numbered rookie card. For as old as this pack is, it certainly could have been worse. At least I got a guy who's still in the league.

Erick Aybar numbered rookie #'d /999

Just like last time around, hidden in the innards of that final pack was an autograph. It's not Lance Berkman again, but it could definitely have been worse.

Ervin Santana Personal Endorsements autograph
I didn't say anything about it when I pulled the Berkman, but these are some UGLY cards.

So yeah, that was the '04 pack. Not too shabby, especially not for $10. Let's move right along to the '03 flavor, and see what that pack had to offer. After ripping the first wrapper, this puppy was found tucked away inside, along with another pack (naturally).

Michel Hernandez uncommon refractor #'d /99
If only it were someone else.... The Ryan Howard uncommon refractor books for like $200. Michel Hernandez might book for $2.

After opening the pack within the pack, this is the game-used card that greeted me... along with another stinkin pack!

Pedro Martinez Pristine Borders jersey relic

Hello old friend, wearing a Red Sox jersey, which is how I choose to remember you. The swatch is pretty tiny, but I can't really complain about pulling this card. It beats an Eric Chavez relic any day of the week.

The pack inside the pack inside the pack wasn't super exciting, but it did have the following 2 base cards in it, which I thought were pretty nice.

There are legends in this set? Awesome!

Now all I need is the uncommon & gold refractors to build myself a little rainbow. Based on recent eBay sales & listings, this card is pretty valuable for just being of the regular base variety.

There you have it, 2 more packs of Pristine busted and scanned for all the world to see. I've actually got 2 more packs of each on the way (4 more packs total), and they will be busted on video, most likely over the weekend. The eBay seller from whom I purchased the first 4 packs offered me the rest of his inventory at a very reasonable price ($10/pack). It will be a bit of a group break, as Jay from The Mojo Hand and I are splitting the costs 50/50. We're going to try to do something fun with it, and hopefully end up with a nice little pack break video.

What do you guys think of Pristine? Do you wish it was still around? Any ideas on why Topps chose to kill off the brand?


  1. I actually ordered a pack of 2003 Pristine because you've been opening them. I didn't have the chance back then to open this stuff.

    I think Topps got rid of it because it was just another chrome/Finest, only with slabbed cards? Dunno!

  2. Not bad at all. I like these cards. I don't know anything about this product other than what you opened but they look pretty cool.

    What would you say is a reasonable price range to pay for packs of these? I get the feeling that $10 is on the low end and I should expect it to cost more.

  3. Yeah, $10 is pretty good. I paid $15 for mine heh. Still half off the SRP, though.

  4. Is it a DR swatch or a Bo Sox swatch on the Pedro? Does Topps even care? Great looking card though.

  5. Yeah, that's interesting stuff. Wish you had done a video. Its crazy to have no idea what is in each pack inside a pack inside a pack. Those autos are horrible through for sure.

  6. Yeah the Howard refractor was impressive, and these packs are like the crumbs that were left over. I just ordered our box of 09 Elite. It should be here Monday...

  7. I don't know why Topps pulled this brand. The cards are very cool looking in hand ( scans dont do them justice). The personal endorsement auto's are stunning looking as well. The auto checklist is also VERY SOLID!..

  8. I like the etched look, but I guess thats just me.

  9. I really liked the pristine and always love to try to find them (especialy Mets) when I can via trade or other venues. I can only speculate that they stopped them to add to their other products. Each company can only release x amount of different products so they may like their other high end stuff like Finest, Triple Threads, etc. better.

  10. I got some nice NPNs from this set, but it was way out of my price range at the time. I remember this coming out around the same time as Finest and Originals... encased/uncirculated card weariness perhaps? Personally, I'm not a fan of any set with faked backgrounds, but I'm relatively old school that way.

  11. I must gets me some of this. :D