Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old School Orioles

I don't actually think any of these cards actually qualify as "old school", but they are from John at Old School Breaks, which has to count for something. He contacted me a couple of weeks ago, and said he had some O's for me. Seeing as he is a Yankees collector, and I absolutely abhor the evil empire, we worked out a trade, and I was able to pawn some unwanted Yankees cards off on him. John sent over about 10 cards, most of which are of either the game used, serial numbered, or refractor variety.

2008 Upper Deck Brian Roberts Game Jersey
If you read my ramblings on a regular basis, you'd know that my appreciation for Roberts is growing, right along with my collection of his cards. This is one I did not already have, and even though it's just a regular ol' jersey card from a regular ol' base set release, I like it none the less.

2007 Upper Deck SPx Cal Ripken Ironman insert
A man who needs no introduction at all whatsoever. When I first started this blog, I had maybe a handful of Ripken cards, and now thanks to the power of the blogosphere, I have more of his cards than I do of Markakis. The 2632 on this card represents the number of insert sets produced commemorating Ripken's record consecutive games streak. At least it's numbered to 699, which I assume is the number of cards in this particular insert set. I'm just sayin', there are an awful lot of special insert sets commemorating Ripken's achievement. Not that he isn't worthy of every one of them.

2002 Donruss Classics Eddie Murray
Based on Eddies expression here, I am going to assume he is admiring a ball he just crushed over the right field fence. It looks like he's saying "Ooohhh Weeee!" or "Hot Damn!" in his mind. It has been scientifically proven that orange wristbands increase your power output. Remember that kids.

2007 Upper Deck Melvin Mora game worn jersey
This guy is not in any Oriole fans good graces right now. In this picture it looks like he's taking a weak swing at a ball in the dirt, which is a scene I am all too familiar with. He'll be a Royal next year, and he deserves to be.

2002 Upper Deck SP Authentic Future Watch Steve Bechler auto
This is a bit bittersweet, considering Bechler's premature passing in 2003. It's a nice auto, and a more than welcome addition to my collection. Who knows what kind of a pitcher Bechler could have become?

1998 Topps Finest Jeffrey Hammonds refractor
When you're holding this card in your hand, it's sort of difficult to even tell it's a refractor, but there's only 1 type of card that scans like that, and you're looking at it. I remember liking Hammonds a lot while he was here. I know the O's drafted him in the first round, and I think the overall consensus was that he didn't quite live up to the hype.

2007 Topps Chrome Nick Markakis Xfractor
For some reason I love xfractors. They have to be the ugliest cards around, but for some reason I am drawn to them instantly, and they seem so much cooler than a common refractor. This is a Markakis I didn't previously have, so score another one for the player collection.

2007 Topps Chrome Miguel Tejada Xfractor
He who hath bringeth thine PEDs unto thine team tis nary an admirable fellow. I'm not blaming Tejada exclusively, but I also don't buy the B-12 shot story. I don't hate him that much though, he was my fantasy team waiver wire short stop replacement for Jose Reyes, and has done a fine job. He was all the O's really had there for a couple of seasons, but you could tell he didn't want to bee here.

2002 Bowman Chrome Joel Crump refractor
Never heard of this guy, but then again, he was an Orioles prospect pitcher during my "lost years", so I shouldn't have heard of him. His Baseball Reference page reveals the true reason I have no idea who he is. 3 seasons in the minors... that's all.

That's also all for this post. Thanks for the great cards John! Sorry it took me 2 weeks to show them off.


  1. Oh Crap, I was going to get back to you in a blog post about Roberts and the HOf wasn't I? It's so unlike me to forget something like that. I'm usually so diligent about my posts.

    Bummer that someone peeled the protective coating off of the Hammonds. Probably lost a TON of book value there.

    Lastly: X-Fractors = Freakin' Awesome.

  2. Actually, there never was a coating on the Hammonds. That card is from '98, the only year Finest made an unprotected/unprotected refractor parallel. The back of the card is chrome-coated and really, that's the only way to tell the difference between one of those parallels from a regular card that just had the coating peeled off.

    Also, thanks for the trade Greg! I'll be sure to post soon as well.