Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Few Days Late But An Opinion None The Less

So... Aubrey Huff was traded to the Tigers for a pitching prospect. The guy who once called Baltimore a horseshit town has been sent to Detroit. Coincidence? I think not. He's having an awful season and is a pretty terrible fielding first baseman. I don't know who the Orioles have in mind to fill the void, but evidently some young buc is being called up today or tomorrow, and in the meantime Luke Scott has been filling in. The way he's been hitting this season I wouldn't mind seeing him grow into the role.

Obviously, the Orioles traded one of their veteran clubhouse leaders, but Huff just wasn't getting the job done. I'd like to see them sign a veteran big-batted first baseman in the off-season because I think they need a leader, preferably one with a big mouth and energy. Someone is going to have to show all the kids how to play, and hopefully how to start winning.

I'm not sad to see Aubrey Huff go, especially since dissed my hometown. Even if he was right, it's just not a nice thing to say.