Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Lebowski Set... Pt. 4

I liked the way the first couple of Masterpieces cards turned out, and decided to make a few more.

Hey Upper Deck! Wanna bring Masterpieces back in a different way? Call me baby!

The Big Lebowski set is quickly approaching the 100 card mark. I'm not known for being a good mathmagician, but I think this puts us at 94 cards. If anyone is interested in helping us reach the magic number, please submit your Lebowski card designs HERE.


  1. Those are beautiful. Someday I'd love to learn how to make my own custom cards...

  2. Thanks man. I was hoping SOMEONE would comment on them... even if it was to say they suck.

  3. I saw these on my phone yesterday, and it wouldn't let me comment...

    Seeing them on the phone didn't do them justice. These are masterpieces!