Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cards I Shouldn't Of Bought On eBay Last Week Pt. 1

I only say shouldn't because I should be saving my money for a wedding.

2009 Allen & Ginter Adam Jones no numbered mini #'d 09/50
Speaking of which... guess who gets to go to a bridal expo tomorrow?


  1. about the whole saving thing.... remember, you're not the only one getting married. So there you go. Spend away...

  2. Bridal expo...creepy. Think of it as a sociological experiment on the wedding industrial complex and you'll think it's wild.

  3. I got one of those in a pack. I was confused about the number at the bottom in ink. I thought it might have been a mistake.

    ...I'm new to the whole card world.

  4. McCann Can Triple - Welcome! You have a hand numbered mini card. Congratulations, they are a pretty tough pull.

    Your's is probably different than Beardy's card. Beardy just writes those numbers on the back of his own cards. He thinks he's fooling us but we all know the truth.

  5. I just got that card, but it was numbered 10/50. Adam Jones had put little smiley faces in the zeros. And he colored in all the loops in Orioles on the jersey. I guess he was bored.

  6. I have the regular A&G back for you so dont trade for it.