Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blaster Break - 2009 Topps Chrome

Hadn't bought a blaster in months, but couldn't resist the Chrominess. It looks a little bit like Christmas with all the red, white and green.
7 packs +1 "bonus pack", 4 cards per pack. Let's see what's inside yonder blaster, shall we?

Pack 1:
#40 Alex Gordon
#63 Andy Sonnastine
#W25 Chris Denorfia WBC Italy
#98 Derek Jeter

Pack 2:

#188 Josh Whitesell
#158 Johnny Damon
#76 Pat Burrell Xfractor

#102 Mark Buehrle

Pack 3:

#116 Troy Tulowitzki
#49 C.C. Sabathia
#40 Alex Gordon Refractor

#135 Chipper Jones

Pack 4:

#45 Roy Halladay
#46 Carlos Pena
#62 Chase Utley Refractor

#143 Adrian Gonzalez

Pack 5:
#89 Javier Vasquez
#23 Akinori Iwamura
#156 Alexi Ramirez Xfractor

#1 Alex Rodriguez

Pack 6:

#195 Kenshin Kawakami
#21 Brad Hawpe
#W11 Yoennis Cespedes WBC Cuba

#124 Joe Nathan

Pack 7:
#154 Rocco Baldelli
#64 Miguel Tejada
#W10 Chenhao Li WBC China Gold Refractor #'d 33/50

#217 Brett Cecil

Pack 8 (bonus pack!):

#6 Justin Upton
#4 Nate McClouth
#W80 Kangan Xia WBC China

#152 Matt Cain

Lots of WBC cards in this blaster, but the gold refractor is pretty nice to have gotten. All cards are for trade, so drop me a line if there is something you need or want.


  1. Please hold onto the two Alex Gordons for me. I bought a couple of packs of 09 A&G so I might have something you need... I'll try and remember to look tonight.

  2. WOW! Two x-fractors and a gold card! That is a good blaster. I opened three hobby boxes and got NO xfractors. Can you please set aside the #89 Javier Vasquez for my base set?

  3. Looks like Chase Utley is ready to do some head stompin'.

  4. I did the same thing, and no xfractors. I'm actually somewhat curious as to their seeding. Any info on xfractors being a retail exclusive?

  5. That was a sweet rip! You had a Rays card in every pack for a while there, too. Always here to offer a home for unwanted Rays...

  6. I've yet to see any chrome where I am. But I haven't been in a Wal-Mart in almost a month, so that might be it.

  7. What are the chances Mr. Pat Burrell can come live with a Pat Burrell super collector?

  8. If memory serves, last year the xfractors were retail exclusive, so they would not be found in hobby. I have no reason to think that it would be diferent this year.

    So, what do you think Beardy? Retail or Hobby? Or a combination of both?

  9. I'd like the Cain, Whitesell, and Upton. Take a look at my Zistle (link is on my blog, right side) and lmk what we can do. Cal Ripken patch, maybe?

  10. I kicked you an email beard.

    Possible trade?

  11. Oh, this reminds me... I still have an email to send.