Friday, August 7, 2009

I Saw Adam Jones On Sportscenter

And all he did was talk about how great it was to meet Yankees players at the All Star Game, specifically Jeter and Rivera.

What up with that?

I know the running joke with every good young player is that someday in the not too distant future they'll be donning the pinstripes. The very thought of Adam Jones as a Yankee saddens and depresses me.


  1. I personally don't get it although I don't follow Jones to much I would think that any player for any team would be a little more proud of his team and not even bring up the Yankees but that's just my opinion. BTW Beardy I got your 3rd package of Mariners cards! I really appreciate it and I love that Griffey 5 Year UD card SWEET! Grant

  2. Why would a player's dream team still be the Yankees? They haven't won a World Series in nine years.

    Could it be the money? Nah. That couldn't be it. Shame on me for bringing that up.