Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lovin' In The Mailbox: Cards From Brian

Earlier this week I received a most excellent package of cards from reader Brian, in Texas. I sent him some Rangers a few weeks back, and got some awesome cards for my collection in return.

1999 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Ryan Minor autogrpah
This was the guy who was supposed to take over for Cal Ripken Jr. and be the Orioles franchise 3rd baseman for the next decade? This guy? Seriously? It's cool to have an auto of a total washout prospect. Ryan Minor certainly fits the bill, and the Cal connection only makes it that much cooler.

1996 Pinnacle Denny's Cal Ripken Jr. hologram
Speak of the devil... This card scanned really well. That looks awesome. I used to think Pinnacle made some pretty nice cards in the early-mid 90's, and this is a fine example. These cards were great, and almost made it worth eating a meal at Lenny's... I mean Denny's. This could be my favorite card of the entire package.

1973 Topps Earl Weaver & Orioles Coaches
I lied. This is my favorite card of the entire package from Brian. The colors and outlines of '73 Topps cards are something I like very much. This might be the next team set I go after. I like the whole Warhol monotone thing they did with the coaches pictures too, and the silhouette manager icon guy is pretty interesting too.

2009 Upper Deck Icons Nick Markakis
Didn't have this card yet. Glad I do now! I think this set is pretty bland overall. I've only bought 2 packs, and even though I pulled a nice blue Bo Jackson jersey card, I still think this set is just ok, nothing special.

1981 Fleer Eddie Murray
Another fine shot of sideburns Eddie. He's got the afro rockin' to full effect as well. It must have been cold sine he has the old school trash bag style jacket on underneath his jersey. I love early 80's Eddie cards, and this is one I didn't already have. So far this has been a trade package chock full of interesting O's cards I didn't already have. Let's see if Brian can keep it up.

1998 Skybox Metal Universe Universal Languages Cal Ripken Jr.
Another interesting and awesome 90's insert. This card is die-cut and has a matte finish. It sorta looks like it's printed on recycled paper or something. I've yet to meet a Metal Universe card I didn't like.

2002 Topps Pristine Brooks Robinson
This is a cool card. It's thick, and feels a lot like a Topps Chrome card, but it scans well so it can't be chrome... can it? Any Brooks Robinson card is a good card to have, especially one that's new to you, which this one is to me.

2002 Topps Archives 1970 Paul Blair reprint
Much like Night Owl, I rather enjoy these Archives cards. If it were possible to find a hobby box anywhere, I'd consider buying one. I google them from time to time, and it seems like there's never an unopened box of this stuff to be found. I scored some retail packs in the bargain bin at 5 Below (lame, I know) last summer, and loved every card saw.

2002 Topps Archives 1975 Jim Palmer reprint
Another solid Archives card. These things are great, it's like having a vintage card but in really good condition.

2002 Topps Archives 1976 A.L. ERA Leaders reprint
Don't make me say it again! Check out pre-stache Eckersley down there. That's a cool Indians hat he's sportin'.

1998 Upper Deck UD3 Brady Anderson die-cut thingy
What the hell is this thing? It looks like a 1950's radio, or something that you'd see hanging up in the Maxx. I heard Zach Attack is playing tonight, you should check it out.

Along with all those great Orioles card, Brian also sent along this little box set:
Which was loaded with Hall of Famer cards, all of which are serial numbered. I've never seen these things before, and the set is pretty nice. The best part was the memorabilia card that was inside. I assume this is the reason Brian included this in our trade:

2002 Fleer Box Score Hall of Fame Material Brooks Robinson bat relic

Another solid trade from a reader. Thanks a lot for the great cards Brian, and I look forward to trading with you again.

Stay tuned for several posts featuring some new cards I've picked up, all of which I'm feeling guilty about.


  1. Readers - maybe I should try to get me some of those. It looks like it pays off.

    I have nothing else to say as I'm still reeling form a stacheless Eck.

  2. Hey Beardy, I'm glad you liked the cards and some of them were new to you.