Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cards I Shouldn't Of Bought On eBay Last Week Pt. 3

Moving right along then...

1980 Kellogg's Jim Palmer

1980 Kellogg's Eddie Murray

This purchase was inspired in part by Night Owl and his 1980 Kellogg's card from a week or so ago. Both of these are awesome, but in particular I enjoy the Eddie. He always looks like a man who means business.


  1. I'm falling in love with the 3D Kellog's cards fast. I bought a bunch off eBay a couple of months ago and need to get some lists together. That Murray is particularly sweet.

  2. Heh, I almost posted the Murray card instead of J.R. Richard. But I had more to say about J.R.

    (I guess that's what happens when Murray doesn't like talk or anything).

  3. Eddie always means business, no time for talk, just action.

  4. night owl- Why hadn't you traded me that Murray yet? Are you holding out on me?