Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching Up On Trades Pt. 1

Nothing makes a good day even better quite like yellow envelopes in your mailbox. Over the past week, I've had the luxury of receiving quite a few of these in the past week or so, and because I've been sort of lazy lately, it took me this long to log and scan them. I've been doing a lot of trading the past few weeks, and it's been difficult to keep everything straight as far as who sent what. If I screw this up, and you don't receive proper credit for what you sent, please let me know.

First up is a package from Night Owl that arrived about a week and a half ago. He sent me over some Ginter cards that shrunk my want list a bit, and also sent over a decent sized lot of O's cards. Here are 9 that were selected at random:

2006 Topps Triple Threads Heroes Frank Robinson
1966 was a pretty good year for Frank Robinson. His team won the World Series, and he won World Series MVP, along with the A.L. MVP award and won the Triple Crown AND hitting the only home run in the history of Memorial Stadium that completely left the ballpark. If ever there was a year that should be immortalized on cardboard, Frank Robinson in 1966 should be that card. Plus, it's shiny, and has a crown on it.

2005 Donruss Greats Brooks Robinson

A nice Brooks card. So far Night Owl is 2 for 2 on sending Orioles that I have seperate player collections for.

1986 Topps All Star Set Eddie Murray
Make that 3 for 3. Card design doesn't get much simpler than this, and it works well here.

1998 Skybox Metal Universe Bobby Bonilla

This is actually a Florida Marlins card, but since Bobby's hand has been transformed into a vortex, so I'm willing to overlook that minor detail. What a strange thing to do for a baseball card. I remember Bonilla best teaming with Barry as a member of the Pirates, but he played all over the place later on in his career.

1999 Pacific Crown Royale Delino DeShields
This is another funky late 90's insert. I've really come to appreciate these more and more lately. They were doing some bizarre things back in those days. This is a die cut card in the form of a crown. I think this is probably the closest Delino came to one of those.

1993 Score Boys Of Summer Luis Merecedes

I appreciate how colorful this card is. Mercedes is a player I vaguely remember. I know he was yet another Orioles prospect who just didn't pan out, but aside from that don't know a lot about him.

1989 Donruss Curt Schilling
Curt Schilling trash stache rookie card! Letting Schilling go was the first bad Orioles managerial move that I remember recognizing. It wasn't realized until a few seasons later, but I was 10 or 11, and even at that age I knew that they made a mistake. That's a sweet mustache none the less!

1987 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr. Diamond King

This is the last card from Night Owl. I must have at least 4 copies of this card by now, and don't even care. It's such a great card I'll collect every one of them ever produced, if they're sent to me. Who doesn't love Diamond Kings? Thanks a lot for the great cards Greg!

Next up we have some cards from a trade with The Hamiltonian. I sent off a few Ginter cards and a small stack of Hamiltons, and in return received these 2 cards:

2009 Allen & Ginter's Creatures of Myth, Legend & Terror Unicorn mini

2009 Allen & Ginter's AGR-MM Melvin Mora bat relic
The Unicorn card is so awesome. I really like this insert set, and hopefully will be able to complete it. I think this card gives me 7 out out of 15. I'll probably post them all for you to see in the near future. Thank you very much Hamiltonian, it was a pleasure trading with you.

Next up is a card I received from FanofReds over at Nachos Grande. He was interested in the Dodo Extinct Creatues mini that I had pulled, and for some reason, I really wanted this Brock Yates relic. It might be because he invented and won the first ever Cannonball Run Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Dash (or Cannonball Run for short), but it could also be that I wanted it so badly because his name is Brock. Either way, it's a cool card of an interesting guy.

2009 Allen & Ginter's Brock Yates relic SP
FanofReds, thanks for trading with me, and enjoy your evolutionarily inferior bird card.

That's all for part 1, but rest assured, there are plenty more trades to be posted in the near future.


  1. You're welcome (I have always liked that Mercedes card).

    Glad to see you've added an image of an owl to your blog.

  2. Haha, I rather enjoy my evolutionary inferior bird!

  3. The last time I was at Camden Yards I was mildly astonished at the number of markers showing that Delino had hit balls onto Eutaw Street. They must have given him credit for batting practice home runs.