Friday, August 7, 2009

4 Boxes Worth of Ginter Hits

We all know that through 4 boxes I was nowhere near a complete base set. I've already made a few trades, so at this point it's unclear what the actual percentage was that I got out of the four. If you read all my Gint-A-Cuffs posts, then you already know what I pulled in boxes 1 & 4, but what came out of the other 2?

Well, I'm gonna break down the "hits" box by box.

Box #1:
AGR-DW Dontrelle Willis jersey relic

AGR-RL Ryan Ludwick jersey relic

Delmon Young Cloth Card #08/10

AGA-RB Ryan Braun autograph redemption

Box 2:

AGR-PF Prince Fielder bat relic

AGR-MO Magglio Ordonez jersey relic (from Topps, the famed "missing hit")

AGA-CO Cat Osterman autograph redemption

Box 3:

AGR-FL Fred Lewis bat relic

AGR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman bat relic

AGA-BW Blake DeWitt autograph

Box 4:

AGR-TL Tim Lincecum jersey relic

AGR-DW David Wright jersey relic

AGR-MC Miguel Cabrera jersey relic

Aramis Ramirez No Number Back mini #35/50

John Higby No Number Back mini #29/50

EA2 Extinct Creatures Dodo mini (1 per case?)
So there you have it, 4 boxes worth of "hits". It's pretty obvious why I chose the first & fourth to use in the competition, as both contained more than the guaranteed 3 "hits". No complaints here about my autographs either. I could complain about the DeWitt, but it hardly seems appropriate after the 2 pretty nice redemptions.

I've definitely got some relics for trade, if anyone is interested. The 2 no number minis are also available.


  1. That's a lot of hooch. Man, I love Ginter hits. And, I still have one more box to open. I better get to it before I get sidetracked by chrome.

    Box 4 was just a killer there. All of the hits are awesome.

  2. Hey, those are some nice hits! I still don't get the whole Auto redeption thing, why arent they already inserted in the packs? I dig the cloth card, but doubt you really want to part with that one. Nice work!

  3. Miguel Cabrera jersey relic.... Hmmmm i want it! Also what would you want for the cat auto?? let me know...Murray rookie card??

  4. Do want the mini Aramis Ramirez and should have the ammo to get a deal done, can only wish for enough for the Osterman auto though.

  5. If anybody really wants an Osterman auto I might be able to get one signed in person. When she's not playing for the national team she plays for the local professional softball team. I plan on getting a few things signed next year when Jennie Finch's team is in town.

  6. You know I want that Tiny Tim Lincecum relic... Not sure what you want in return but Im putting together a stack of cards for you right now including that creature card.

    Mark from Sacbunt

  7. What would it take to get that Dodo off your hands, sir?


  8. Moving Boxes The 2009 Topps Allen and Ginter set is upon us once again. The scheduled release date is July 1st, although we all know by now that this is subject to change.