Monday, August 31, 2009

2008 Sweet Spot Pack Break

The past few weeks I have had off of work Mon-Wed, after working all weekend. Unfortunately, as a result, future wife and I haven't had a chance to grocery shop. To make matters worse, I have had to grocery shop solo, which is never fun. Today I decided to spice things up and do our grocery shopping at WallyWorld. I obviously did this with the full knowledge that they sell cards, and figured that a couple of packs would be a nice little reward for picking up groceries all by myself.

Well, I saw something rather unexpected when I hit the card aisle. Packaged individually, and sitting all by it's lonesome off to the side was a sealed pack of 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot baseball. It was $20, but I grabbed it anyway, with thoughts of a Sweet Spot autograph running through my feeble little mind.

Immediately after opening the silver wrapper, I noticed a card sitting in the middle that was VERY thick, and thought maybe I had hit paydirt. Let's see how things worked out for me.

#28 Cole Hamels

#91 Ryan Zimmerman

#36 Dustin Pedroia

#99 Victor Martinez

#82 Phil Hughes

#84 Randy Johnson

#YSL966 Red Rolfe

The really thick card in the middle turned out to be the world's heaviest dummy card. Fortunately, this was sitting on top of it, and even though it's not a Sweet Spot autograph, it's an Orioles autograph, so that makes up for it.

Eider Torres Sweet Beginnings autograph redemption
This is the 3rd time I've opened anything Sweet Spot, and the 3rd time I've yet to pull a real live autograph, and the second time I've pulled a redemption. All in all not too shabby though, but only because my auto is of an (ex)Oriole.


  1. wanna trade a sweet spot dummy card for a sweet spot dummy card? :) I thought the tin was weird, but that has to be the plainest redemption card ever!

  2. I've bought 4 of those and pulled 3 singles swatches and a dual stinkin' autos yet. Or maybe I shouldn't say yet since I'm not buying anymore.

  3. Nice pull on the Torres auto redemption. It's amazing he has auographed Orioles cards as he played like 9 games for us.

  4. How much are those sweet sopt packs normally? For $20 I might have to get one. It seems like all of the autos must be in Cleveland because apparently they aren't anywhere else!

    I thought Red Rolfe was what you get when someone drinks too much cranberry/vodka.

  5. Oh yeah, also, you will come to like grocery shopping by yourself. First, (as you found out) you can go someplace that sells cards. Second, you can get it done twice as fast because you aren't doing things like standing in front of the yogurt for five minutes trying to pick the very best 3 flavors. Third, you get to stand in front of the beer for 5 minutes picking the very best 3 flavors.

  6. First of all, they don't sell beer at the grocery store in my county, which totally sucks. Stupid government!

    Secondly, why do all women do that? If it's not the yogurt with future wife, it's the soup. Everyone knows the only soup worth eating is New England Calm Chowder. Grab that shit and let's roll!