Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Allen & Ginter Status

Well... thanks to the generosity of the blogosphere, I have managed to complete the regular base set, and the National Pride inserts. However, I still need a bunch o' short prints, which is the same thing that happened to me last year. I didn't end up completing last year's set until this May, and I'd like to avoid that happening again if possible. My want list is updated, so if anyone has doubles to spare of the cards I need... let's talk.

The only mini insert set I care about this year are the Legends of Myth & Terror, and I'm making decent progress on that front as well. So far 7 of the 20 cards are in my possession. Since that is the only insert set I'm chasing, I have a whole bunch of other minis for trade. All National Heroes, black bordered minis, Hoaxes & regular minis are for trade. If you are someone who doesn't much care for the Creatures set, and are chasing one of the others... let's talk.

I would like to thank Mark from SacBunt, Sharpe from Sharpe Since '92, Ms. Tooth, Night Owl, Jim from The Phillies Room, M Ryan from Ryan's Memorabilia, Mike from JD's Wild Cardz and Tunguska from Long Fly Ball to Because for helping me get as far as I have with this year's Ginter release. It was a pleasure trading with all of you, and I appreciate the help.


  1. Crap. Just traded away a couple myths and legends.

  2. I will say that I cannot believe how difficult it was to finish off a meager 350 card set. That was not easy by far. Now finishing off Heritage SP's is just impossible....