Friday, November 13, 2009

Trade With The Drewmeister

Drew has already posted his half of the trade on his fabulous blog, drewscards, and now it's my turn. Over the past few months, Drew would see a card he liked, and would tall me to set it aside for him, and that one day we'd make a pretty substantial trade, where we'd both get some awesome cards. I thought he was just being a naive teenager, but continued to add to his pile of Yankees.

Well wouldn't you know Drew made good on his trade promise, and sent me over an impressive package of cards, including a bunch of vintage goodness.

I'll start out with the Boogs...

1975 Topps Boog Powell
This shot was actually taken in between innings. Boog is trying to catch a hot dog in his mouth that was tossed down from the upper deck.

1973 Topps Boog Powell

1968 Topps Boog Powell
Somebody get that man a sandwich

1969 Topps Deckle Boog Powell

These cards are sweet, and now I've got a Boog to go with Brooks.

And now some Belangers...

1975 Topps Mark Belanger
Gold Glove season

1969 Topps Mark Belanger

'69 Topps has such a simple design, yet it works so well. Another Gold Glove season

1970 Topps Mark Belanger

Gold Glove season. I'm just sayin that maybe Belanger is a little underrated.

Some other random vintage...

1973 Topps Johnny Oates

1972 Topps A.L ERA Leaders Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer says that this is one of the greatest Jim Palmer cards ever created.

1975 Topps Don Hood

And the award for most resembling Dennis Eckersley goes to...

1975 Topps Tommy Davis

1982 Topps Orioles Leaders Eddie Murray & Jim Palmer

Some Football...

2009 Topps Chrome Michael Oher refractor
How does this guy not have a million rookie autos in every football release? I don't care if he's a lineman, there making a movie about the kid for Matt Wieters sake! It's not like he was a first round pick or anything...

2007 Topps Willis McGahee Pro Bowl jersey

It's pretty cool to own a slice of Pro Bowl jersey, even if it's from a Willis McGahee jersey. This must have been from the Injury Pro(ne) Bowl. When is is healthy though, Willis is capable of putting up big numbers.

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Dwayne Bowe autograph

This was the card I coveted above all others. Bowe is an absolute beast of a man, and if can escape woeful Kansas City, could have a very prolific career. There were some trade rumblings about him becoming a Raven last month. Wishful thinking I guess.

2009 Topps Ravens Cheerleader Amanda
Helllllo Amanda!

And the Bird!

2007 Topps Opening Day The Bird
Is he covering his nose? You know it's gotten bad when even the mascot thinks you stink.

Drew, thanks for the great cards buddy. It was a pleasure trading with you, and I am always happy to dump my Yankees cards on someone else. Thanks for being that someone.


  1. Wow those football cards are beautiful, especially the Bowe! Nice stuff.

  2. Yeah, no problem, I Ain't no naive teenaga!!!! Oooh nice Bowe, want to trade for it? :)