Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trade With Cardboard Heaven

A couple of weeks back, CamClow of Cardboard Heaven and I got to discussing a potential trade. He had mentioned something about wanting a Granderson auto in one of his posts, and I happened to have one for trade. We quickly worked out a deal, and here is what I was able to walk away with:

2005 Bowman Chrome Billy Rowell Aflac edition
The first & only Aflac card in my collection. Some people in and around Baltimore may have given up on Rowell, but not me. Granted, his numbers have dropped off each one of 4 seasons in the minors, and he struggled mightily in single-A ball last season, but he was still the youngest guy on the team, at 20. I still believe in you Billy, so don't make a fool out of me, ok?

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Joe Flacco
Ok Joe, enough is enough. We need you to beat the Steelers this Sunday night. Are you up to the task? Season's on the brink here Joe, and we need to emerge victorious this weekend. Make it happen!

2009 UD Legendary Cuts Cal Ripken Legendary Memorabilia red parallel

This year's Legendary Cuts relic cards are quite stunning, and this card is no exception. Great design, pretty good photo and gold foil used tastefully. This card has it all. I'd like to see the end of plain white swatches, but that probably won't happen anytime soon, especially since most of the guaranteed hits in boxes these days are of the game used variety. I'd imagine it's pretty cost effective for the card companies as well.

1976 Topps Brooks Robinson

Didn't think I had this card already, but as it turns out, I did. There are certainly worse doubles to own. '76 Topps is a design that has grown on me, and is now among my top 3 designs of that decade.

2006 Bowman Sterling Brandon Snyder autograph

Snyder was just added to the 40-man roster last week, so it sounds like the O's organization believes he can possibly contribute this season. We do need a first baseman, and this guy looks like the cheap option, which means he'll probably end up starting in 2010, since Peter Angelos is too cheap to pay for a free agent like Adrian Gonzalez (which would be awesome btw). Here is a nice little write up on Snyder courtesy of

Thanks a lot for the great trade CamClow, and enjoy your Grandy auto. I mailed it out last week, so it has hopefully already arrived by now.

Did anyone out there (aside from Boxes of Cards) end up scoring any sweet deals during the Blowout Cards Black Friday sale? I tried, but it was in vain. Instead, I decided to purchase a hobby box I wanted at full price (which was still cheaper than most other places), and along with it picked up a retail box of 2008 Masterpieces baseball for $9.99. If anyone is building that set, and needs cards, get your wants lists ready.


  1. I had to work on Friday so I wasn't able to sit at the computer constantly hitting refresh to try and get any of the deals. I did pick up a few boxes here and there, mostly from the second chance offers. To be honest, what I was most interested in was the case of Documentary, but I had no shot at that. That would have been a blast to open for that price. I've always wanted to bust a case of something, but these days I have to budget just to buy one box.

  2. That Blowout Black Friday sale was bonkers. The site crashed right at the start and then was groggy for an hour before they fixed it.

    I didn't get any of the sales. It was impossible with my connection. They were gone in like 30 seconds.

    But I did get a lot of good deals on the second chance offer after the sale. Stuff that was 30%-50% off. It was a great sale.

    Most was the retail stuff (like Masterpieces and Goudey) but I also got a handful of hobby boxes (2005 Donruss Champions, 2007 Upper Deck Future Stars, 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres, 2008 Tristar Prospects Plus).

    I'm really psyched to open those because I've never opened any of them before. I haven't even seen much of those cards in person.

    I hope Blowout Cards insures shipments. I asked them but didn't hear back. It's my first time buying from them.

    And I'm getting my first 2009 Topps box this week! Ha ha. Sounds crazy. I waited for prices to drop and bought a lot of 2007/2008 stuff instead this year.

  3. Hey man. Yes I would love to do some trading, but it is REALLY hard for me to part with O's stuff, so you're going to have to help me!!! Also, A Gonzalez isn't a free agent yet. I definitely wouldn't want to part with any of the young arms to get him, just yet.....