Monday, November 23, 2009

2005 Topps Finest Football Mini Box Break

This is the final product busted busted during the little spree I went on last week. The plan all along was to buy a box of '09 Sweet Spot, but after looking around I realized that I could get a variety of older boxes for the same price. The box of '04 Finest, and the minis of '08 Sterling & '05 Finest Football combined still ended up costing less than that one box of Sweet Spot would have. At the end of the day, I may have been better off going with Sweet Spot, since most of the breaks I've seen have been pretty good, and even though I busted a variety of products, and pulled quite a few autos, none of them are anything to write home about, nor are they as nice as a Sweet Spot Signature.

This mini box guarantees one rookie auto, with Frank Gore being the cream of the crop. I really like Frank Gore. He's another one of my yearly fantasy guys, and has never done me wrong. I remember seeing a story about him on CBS before the draft, about how he was highly touted going into his freshman season at Miami, but just couldn't stay healthy, and is running on 2 reconstructed knees. Well, his knees certainly haven't slowed him down too much in the NFL, and I think he's been a lot better than most of the prognosticators ever thought he would be.

Enough jibba-jabba, let's get on with the break, shall we?

The Box

The Wrapper

The Base Cards

Drew Brees
Not that Phillip Rivers is a bad quarterback, because he certainly isn't, but the Chargers chose poorly. May there bodies age in a matter of seconds until their faces are so wrinkled they just fall off.

Priest Holmes
It's a shame the Ravens gave up on this guy once Jamal Lewis got here, because he really became a beast in KC. It worked out just fine, as Jamal was a beast in Bmore as well, but it always sucks when your team gets rid of a guy who goes on to become a star.

Plaxico Burress
Got a raw deal.

Phillip Rivers
Speak of the devil. The visor look is pretty douchey for a quareterback, and Rivers is already a bit of a douche to begin with. It's his attitude that I don't really care for. He just seems like a big baby.

Derek Mason
Only Raven in the box. He's been our only WR for quite a few years now, and is rock solid. I got mad love for D-Mase!

Fabian Washington
He's a Raven now, and sometimes I wish he wasn't. Fabian's play was solid last season, it's been pretty much the polar opposite this year.

The Refractors

Matt Jones blue refractor #'d /299
If this card were his, I think we all know what he's be using it for. Sniff.

Santana Moss green refractor #'d /199
Not much to say about the other Mr. Moss.

The Autograph

Darren Sproles black refractor #'d /99

Could have done a lot worse than Darren Sproles. Color Commentators are constantly referring to his as a "sparkplug". He burned the Ravens for a long TD this season. It was a little dump off pass that he took 80 yards to the house. He's a sparkplug all right.

There you have it, one mini box of 2005 Topps Finest Football. It was a very fun break, but I was expecting or at least hoping, for more refractors. The rainbow sticker autos are pretty hideous as well, and as I've said before, they do not belong on a product that dares call itself "Finest". For less than $20 this was a great product to break, and pulling a parallel auto of a legit NFL player made it seem like a good one, at least to me. This will probably be the last box break for a while. I know I always say that, and am probably full of crap once again, but I should really make an effort to spend less money busting wax, and concentrate on singles for my PC.


  1. Sproles for the Flacco Heroes auto?

  2. Kinda lame signature of Sproles, good pull, lazy auto. I like those base cards though, kinda have a juke-box, poker-chip thing going on.