Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trade Bait for a Braves Fan

I'm specifically looking at YOU and YOU. Any takers?


  1. Hey, that's kinda neat. Kelly Johnson though?

    I picked up a Romero on the Bay for $1.04. I was thrilled, but it is the letter "H". and it was yellow. Any idea what the word is supposed to spell?

  2. This is what I have as far as Orioles relicy things go:

    2005 Donruss Melvin Mora Timber & Threads bat and jersey

    2004 Topps Chrome Miguel Tejada Chrome Town Heroes bat

    1999 Skybox Jerry Hairston Jr. Autographics

    Pick one, or two as long as you throw in something Bravish or something weird. It'll take me a while to send 'em though, just to warn you...