Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Wonder the Economy is Effed

Matthew H. Wieters, what the hell is wrong with our banking institutions?!?!

It's a wonder we aren't all homeless by now.
Nice socks Dubya. I'm searching for a witty anecdote, but the right words escape me. In situations like this, I find it best to be blunt. Do you see the jaggoff who is not only wearing CrocsTM, but is also wearing socks while wearing CrocsTM? Not only is he wearing socks, but they appear to have monkeys, or pandas or something on them? Yeah, that guy. He was President of the United States.

I'm just saying.

That's right, ended with a qualifier.


  1. I wish that Crocs existed during his campaign, perhaps we wouldn't have voted him as our president, oh wait...

  2. Re: Dubya... No, he wasn't one of the more stylish presidents, but he could at least throw one across the plate.

    I, too, am just saying.

    Those monkeys or pandas? That's the Presidential Seal. You get a pair free if you order the Snuggie in the next 10 minutes.

  3. yo man, would you want to trade for that sheffield ballpark card? thanks.

  4. the socks are running socks... they are supposed to be goofy. If you know any distance runners or cyclists, they would totally have a pair more than likely worse than those.

    I personally own a pair with the colorado state flag, and a pair with $$$ on it