Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Bug From Across the Border

Last week I posted an image of my Upper Deck redemptions page, which clearly showed that I had manage to acquire a Goodwin Champions Entomology card. What I did not reveal is how the redemption came into my possession. Well... if you read your card blogs (and I know you do), the title should be a dead giveaway.

This card has been redeemed, and I am SUPER FREAKING PUMPED to find out what weird insect will be sent my way. We've all seen the butterfly preview card, and regardless of whether or not you think the concept is stupid, I think we can all agree they are absolutely beautifully designed. Hopefully Upper Deck doesn't find a way to screw them up, because if they end up looking anything like the preview, it will be like owning a piece of art.

This was not my first attempt to acquire one of these cards. My first attempt to trade for one of these cards did not turn out well, and left me not only questioning why I bother collecting, but with a foul taste in my mouth as well. I was essentially screwed over by a fellow blogger (you know who you are) who shall remain nameless, one who I had traded with in the past no less. An agreement was reached on a trade (if you want to deny it, I still have the email chain), but before any cards could actually be exchanged, my redemption was auctioned off to the highest bidder.

After having gone through all of that, you can imagine how thrilled I was when The Hamiltonian and I were able to work out a trade for her Entomology redemption. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for me, these cards cannot be shipped to Canada (something about transporting a dead carcass across the border), so there was little choice left but to trade it away. I was lucky enough to be the first one to contact her about a trade, and in exchange for this card I sent her a thick stack of Josh Hamilton autographs and refractors which should hopefully be arriving at her doorstep any day now.

As if sending me a card from my wish list wasn't enough already, The Hamiltonian also sent over a 2009 Goodwin Champions Adam Jones card, which was much needed for both my player collection and Goodwin set. Oh, yeah, it is also a short print, which makes it an extra nice thing to do.

Hamiltonian, thank you so very much for trading me a case hit redemption, and I hope you enjoy the stack of Hamiltons that should be arriving shortly. I can't tell you exactly why I want one of these cards so much, but I do, and now a reservation has been made. Not everyone would trade one of these away, and it means a lot to me that The Hamiltonian was willing to do so. It's only fitting that immediately following one of my worst trading experiences came one of my best.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you to check out The Hamiltonian, and take a gander at her most excellent Josh Hamilton collection.


  1. Tricia and the Hamiltonian Blog rocks!!! Some border laws are down right stupid, but this one works out heavily in your favor. USA USA! That was a chant by the way... That stinks about the blogger screwing you over...Glad it worked out in the end.

  2. Ì`m glad everything got there all right. It was a fun trade to work out!

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  4. It was me! Actually it wasn't because I think these are stupid. If I pull any I would be more than happy to get rid of them.

  5. Dumbass blogger that sold you out!! Put there name out there that way we know to stay away from them!! I hate sellouts... And the fact that they turned around and sold it... That really pisses me off! i'm glad there still good people out there like Tricia from the Hamiltonian blog that was so kind to hook you up!

  6. I agree with wickedortega.

    Tricia is awesome!