Monday, October 12, 2009

MNF Special - '09 Topps Chrome 2 Pack Break

For the second week in a row, I am stuck working the graveyard shift during Monday Night Football. While unfortunate, it doesn't mean that we can't still have a little card fun, right? Right!

While picking up cold medicine today (yeah, not only do I have to stay up all night, but I'm also sick), I also picked up 2 '09 Topps Chrome Football "fat" packs, with a live MNF pack break in mind. Why they call these things fat packs, I will never understand. 7 cards does not a fat pack make!

Pack 1 will be posted now, and pack 2 should be up around halftime. Unfortunately, because I am at work, I am also scannerless, so you'll just have to imagine what that Sanchez red refractor I pull actually looks like.

#TC39 Chris Johnson
#TC30 Greg Jennings
#TC83 Larry Fitzgerald xfractor
#C71 Ted Ginn Jr. National Chicle insert
#TC73 Tony Gonzalez
#TC86 Patrick Willis
#TC96 Peyton Manning

Checklist 2 of 2

#TC106 Brian Urlacher
#TC64 Willie Parker (boo Steelers!)
#TC160 Jeremy Maclin refractor
#C5 Tony Gonzalez National Chicle insert
#TC27 Wes Welker
#TC37 Clinton Portis
#TC48 Kevin Boss

2 packs, ZERO Ravens.

Pretty good game thus far. I'm hoping the Jets can pull this one out, but it's anyone's game at this point. Even though Rex Ryan left the Ravens to be the Jets head coach, I don't harbor any resentment, and wish him all the best. I think Braylon Edwards has caught more passes tonight than he did all of last season.

As usual, all cards for trade if you see something you're interested in.

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