Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Group Break Booty

As per usual, I Am Joe Collector held his monthly group breaks, and as per usual, I participated in each one of them. This time around, aside from the monthly team break, there was also a slotted break of both '08 Upper Deck Premier Baseball and Football.

The monthly break was 1 box of 2008 Prime Cuts, and 4 boxes of Goodwin Champions. While I am never lucky enough to end up with a nice Prime Cuts hit, I was lucky enough to come away from the team break with some pretty nice cards. I already had every Oriole from the set but one, and did not hit the Adam Jones card I needed from this break, but it has since been traded to me by The Hamiltonian. All in all I ended up with about 12 O's cards, 5 of which were minis. I didn't scan any of them, because I'd seen them all before, but I did scan one of the cards I received:
This is the "night variation" and is pretty darned cool. I bet I know SOMEONE who would love to get their hands on this card...

Next up are the 2 '08 Premier breaks. I had one slot in each, and managed to do okay with the baseball, and not so okay with the football. It's not that I didn't end up with a nice low numbered card out of the football break. Almost all Premier cards are low numbered, so it's not that at all. I ended up with a card #'d out of 15, it's just a pointless card #'d out of 15. Why oh why to they keep making these?
It's sort of hard to read, so I will let you know that it's supposedly of DeSean Jackson, even know there isn't a picture of him anywhere to be found on this card. It's also a manufactured patch... with the freaking draft logo on it! What a waste. Cards like this do not belong in a product as expensive as Premier. Since I don't care if I never see this card again, I am going to attempt to send it out TTM. How nice would an autograph look on all that gold space at the bottom? If anyone has an address, or any suggestions for me, please feel free to share, as this will be my first TTM attempt.

Lastly, we have the card I scored from the Premier Baseball break. I really like this card, and about the only negative thing I can think of to say about it is that it could be a little more colorful. All 4 swatches are plain-jane gray, but 2 out of those 4 prominently feature stitching, which makes the card a little more special.
It's #'d out of 10, and is the single card that makes me feel like I did okay on this month's break.

If you haven't checked out I Am Joe Collector's blog, or group breaks yet, you can do so HERE. He's a pretty trustworthy guy (for a lawyer anyway), and runs an excellent break. You should sign up, cause ya never know when a sweet card of your favorite player will be pulled.


  1. Wow, nice stuff Beardy! Good job in those breaks!

  2. I really wish they'd create more Ryan in Angels uni cards. Very cool stuff.

  3. The night variation is interesting, but that Ryan is sweet. It would be nice with a little color in there though.

  4. Awesome Ripken!! I have a package ready for you, I will mail it tomorrow.