Monday, June 15, 2009

Trade w/ Afffordable Card Collecting

A week or 2 ago, I discovered Affordable Card Collecting, and now it is gone. Chad officially announced his retirement yesterday. While I'm sad to see another card blog bite the dust, I am pleased that it was around long enough for me to see a card I liked, and complete a trade for it.

Chad Posted this card last week:

Chad was nice enough to offer this card for trade, and I pounced all over it. There were a few other Orioles cards included in the trade, and I sent over that Ron Guidry (PUKE!) jersey I pulled from that Sweet Spot Classic tin. This card has me psyched for the Goodwin release in early September (I think), and definitely has me psyched that I've already pre-ordered a box.

Thanks for the trade Chad, and may Affordable Card Collecting R.I.P. That is of course, unless you want to start it up again (which you should).


  1. Psst. Guess which card I just dropped in the mailbox for you one hour ago.

  2. Why do I keep doing that to you night owl?

  3. So, Ripken Jr. was a captain on the SS Orioles? I didn't know that such a ship existed. Is it a cruise ship?

  4. Yes, why? Who DO you keep doing that?

    It's OK. Hopefully, there's something else there that you didn't recently acquire. :)

  5. Beardy, thanks for the love. Maybe after things settle down with the baby and house I'll pick it back up. We'll see.