Sunday, January 31, 2010

More eBay Shenanigans

Look at THIS card, then look at THIS card.

I watched, and even bid on the hand-numbered version the first time it was listed, about 3 months ago. It was the first time I had ever seen that card, and I really wanted it. The fact that it was "hand-numbered" only made it more appealing. It ended up selling for $125, which was about $100 more than I was willing to pay. The day after that first auction, the card was re-listed by the winning bidder at $200, and Buy It Now.

Fast forward to this morning.... I am trolling eBay, drooling over all the sweet new Markakii found in '09 Ultimate collection, and happen to stumble across TWO more Markakis/Brooks Heritage dual relics. Both of the new listings are NOT hand numbered, and most likely will NOT sell for $125.

This is yet another reason to avoid eBay, and purchase your cards elsewhere. eBay does a horrible job policing it's listings, and there's quite a bit of counterfeit bullshit for sale these days.

EDIT: It looks like Sooz may be right. She left a comment stating that perhaps just the gray swatches are numbered. I found THIS listing that backs up her claim. Why would Topps do that? Perhaps they are trying to make plain gray swatches more appealing?


  1. It's not eBay's job to police the listings, except to remove fraudulent items when asked to by the manufacturer.

    Topps needs to step in if this becomes a widespread problem, but it's really a case of "let the buyer beware."

  2. Maybe the gray jerseys are numbered? Have you tried contacting Topps about this?

  3. From what I can see, all the Dual Relics are supposed to be hand numbered, so if anything maybe the first example is a fake? Although the chipping on the 42/60 makes me wonder...

    These aren't autos, so I don't know why Topps couldn't just stamp them to avoid confusion.

    Verification word - Ilingness: the feeling you get when trying to decipher if an ebay card is legit or not.