Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cards From Mr. Scott

I meant to post this hours ago, but today has been pretty terrible so far, and I'm just getting around to it now. It all started this morning, at 6:07, when I woke up late for work. I was supposed to be in at 6. As I finally arrived at the office, 45 minutes late, without a shower, I witnessed a hate crime on my way in the door, as someone had defaced the sushi bar next door, and left some not so nice racial epithets scribbled on the front door. As if that wasn't bad enough, it's been insanely busy since I got here, and all I can think about is how much I'd rather be at Orioles Fan-Fest today, instead of being stuck at work. Saturday is typically the slowest day here, so typically that is when I catch up on posting. Not today. Not at all. At least not until just now.

In retrospect, that might not be such a bad thing, especially since Mr. Scott of Mr. Scott's Baseball Cards, sent me a couple of cards of a player who until a few hours ago was only a former Oriole. What was old is new again, and Miguel "B-12" Tejada is once again back in Charm City. This morning the Orioles and Tejada reached an agreement on a one-year deal, and he will most likely play 3rd base this time around.

The only Yankees fan I like is the one who is currently sending me O's cards. This rule currently applies to Mr. Scott, and Mr. Scott only. I am only capable of setting aside my hatred on an individual case-by-case basis.

2005 Leaf Certified Materials Miguel Tejada "Certified Skills" relic
Well isn't this card fancy. While I do not like Tejada, I am sort of happy to see him back in town, especially so because he's only here on a one year deal, and most likely won't be a payroll crusher. We do need someone to play third base, and Tejada, even at his worst still puts up decent numbers. After the season Melvin Mora had, I doubt the bar is set very high to begin with.

2008 Topps Lou Montanez "Red Hot Rookie" refractor
What a great looking card! Nice action shot, loads of shine, and a ton of color. Too bad Topps took the cheap way out in '09 and didn't make the rookie redemption cards with refractor technology. It still took them like 8 months to produce them....

2007 Bowman Chrome Miguel Tejada xfractor
It's still so busy here at work that I won't have time to write up a witty little editorial for each card.

2006 Bowman Chrome Brian Roberts xfractor

Do you think the Freemasons invented xfractors? Look at the angles.

1996 Flair Cal Ripken Jr. Promo
I wasn't collecting in '96, but the sheer beauty of these cards must have blown people's minds back then.

2008 Topps Finest Erik Bedard blue refractor

There has been some buzz about this guy possibly coming back to Baltimore as well.

2008 Topps Finest Erik Bedard green refractor

I'd be ok with it if he was willing to pitch more than 5 innings an outing, and could stay healthy for an entire season. Oh, and he has to be nice to the media as well. I work with a guy who used to be a cameraman for the O's broadcast network, and he has quite a few stories of nasty run-ins with Bedard the recluse.

2002 Topps Archives Frank Robinson refractor reprints
I've always been bothered by the fact that he is clearly wearing a Reds uniform in this photo. It bothers me so much that I don't own the original yet. Some things never change.

Thanks for the great cards Mr. Scott. Expect a return package chock full o' evil pinstripers some time next week.

To any O's fans out there who made it to FanFest, please post some pics or something. I'm literally green with envy right now.


  1. I made it to fanfest and it was pretty awesome, you should see Nick's sweet-ass beard.

  2. I was collecting back in 96 and those Flair cards were awesome, still are by the way. I really wish that we could get a nice mid level product like Flair back, great deisgns on a card stock that was pretty much indestructable.

  3. Great package!

    I'm very happy to have Tejada back in town!

  4. Nice Freemasons comment there. It's good to see such smart writing about cards. (See, I do read these things.)