Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is This A Wasteland... No, It's a Another Trade Post

Justin, of the wonderful Is This A Wasteland- No It's Tampa Bay Sports, dropped me an email a week or two back and offered up some Masterpieces black framed parallels for my set. All he wanted in return was a Brian Roberts relic, which pretty much flow like water around here. A deal was struck, and Justin, being the sneaky little bugger that he is, threw in a few extra cards.

2006 Bowman Heritage Brian Roberts mini
Look at little Brian Roberts on his little Bowman Heritage card. Awwwwww.

2005 Bowman Adam Loewen
I had big hopes for Adam Loewen. He was a highly-touted beast of a man, and left handed to boot. Pretty much everything you look for in a dominating major league starter. Well... after blowing his arm twice, and possibly even thrice, he is now an outfield prospect in the Blue Jays organization. Oh, what could have been.

1993 Pinnacle Eddie Murray "Now & Then"

This card helps us pinpoint the exact moment Eddie lost his badassedness. Naturally, it just so happens to coincide with him leaving Bmore for NY Have you ever seen Eddie smile in Baltimore? Have you ever seen anyone smile in Baltimore?

1996 Topps Stadium Club Jonathan Ogden "New Age"
This card is what Dock Ellis' no hitter looked like to Dock Ellis. This is the single coolest looking card I have ever seen. Jonathan Ogden RULES. Don't believe me, click HERE, watch THIS, then try to argue.

2006 Topps Finest Football Derrick Mason red refractor #'d /399
I'm only featuring this card because it's shiny, and because my boy D-Mase needs to come correct this Sunday. It's do or die for everyone, but in the end this fan is hoping it's the Patriots who end up dead.

Finally, here are a few of the Masterpieces black framed parallels that Justin sent over. This is what the trade was all about to begin with, and I most definitely appreciate the help. Without the support of the blogosphere, there's no way building this set would be a reality for me. You guys (and gals) rock!

Sorry to bore you to tears Thorzul, it's just that people keep sending me cards, and it only seems fair to give credit where credit is due. Perhaps I am arrogant, but it seems that people want to trade with me because they know I'll do a proper trade post, and talk about every card I love or hate. This blog was started mainly as a forum to find trade partners, and boy did I ever! Thanks for the cards Justin, and fear not, Tampa Bay really IS a wasteland, but it's a wasteland I wouldn't mind spending some time in right about now, especially with more snow in the forecast tonight.


  1. "have you ever seen someone smile in Baltimore?"
    Yes - Peter Angelos when he counts his money while sitting on a big pile of money.

  2. Damn Justin, that was a zinger!

  3. come on down, this wasteland is open and y'all are welcome to join the party!
    oh, dinger indeed!

  4. If I'm remembering correctly, Ogden was the first player chosen after fArt Modell moved The Greatest Football Team In The History Of Ever to Baltimore.

    I was ecstatic. What a stupid move. "They took Ogden instead of Lawrence Phillips. How can they pass on Phillips? They are going to suck forever and I love it!"

    Yes...I sure know my football.