Monday, July 27, 2009

The Commish Is Wise

Several new rulings have been issued by the Commish. Be sure to keep yourself abreast (hehe) of all the new information by clicking HERE. Please be sure to adjust your scores accordingly, especially if you've got your eye on the prize, which has been graciously donated by Topps.

Remember, no cheating dickweeds! The Commish will ban you for life, so no funny business.


  1. Hey, I thought you were out doing that exer-thingy that you had been talking about!

  2. My pimp new ride doesn't arrive until Thursday, so no exercise till then.

  3. The commish's latest rulings do not affect my poor, pathetic boxes. Now, if he says Fred Lewis relic cards are worth 100 points, then that's something that will put me to work.