Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Matt Wieters is Coming, Matt Wieters is Coming!!

Jesus in a catcher's mask arrives this Friday! Just in time to part the AL East and lead the Orioles to the promised land that is the playoffs!

Ok, maybe I'm overreacting.

Who cares!


  1. Burrdy!

    I packed it up dude. I'm gonna try to get it out tamarahh! Lets hope Wieters is one of SPX's redemptions. Im sitting on four.


  2. Mojo,

    Your card arrived today as well, so shoot my your address and I'll drop that in the mailbox tomorrow.

  3. This just in....
    Matt Wieters blew out his shoulder today swinging at a fastball that Tommy Hanson threw last week.

    sorry 'bout that.