Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New additions and first post

If you're looking for Bobby Brown, please click here. If you actually care about the cards I've picked up in the past couple weeks, by all means continue reading.

First up is this Frank Robinson Triple Threads card celebrating his 586 career dingers. I'm not necessarily a fan of Triple Threads, but won this beaut for $9.99, and already love it.

Next up is a Nick Markakis 2009 Heritage Black Refractor. This is the first black refractor I have ever owned, and although it was a little pricey, he is my favorite player, and it is a nice looking card.

All I have to say about this card, is a dollar well spent.

This jersey card celebrates Eddie's 1977 ROY award. This was included in a lot of O's cards that I won on ebay. It wasn't shipped properly, and one of the corners is dinged, but you can't tell that from the scan (grrrrrrrr!) Some of my first baseball memories are of the crazy fans at Memorial Stadium stomping on the bleachers and chanting "Eddie, Eddie". Good times!

This is a sweet Topps Finest Moments Paul Blair autograph that I am proud to say ran me less than $4, including shipping. He was a great player, and at worst I think Adam Jones will play like his clone.

Last, but certainly not least is a Jim Palmer autograph from UD Heroes. Even though he pitched the majority of his career before my time, he is still my favorite O's pitcher EVER, and now I own his autograph.

If you've read this far, thanks for sticking with me. This is the first of what I hope to be many posts.


  1. Welcome to the continent of blogging. I'd say "world of blogging" but I don't think it will really catch on.

  2. Just read through all the posts. Great work. I love the Beardy header card. SWEET!