Thursday, April 30, 2009

Darkness Surrounding a Rainbow Surrounding a Heart Attack

That's the only real way to sum up this card. Well... it's one way to sum it up at least. You are of course looking at a 2008 Topps Heritage black refractor of George Sherrill, the 2008 All-Star closer for the Orioles. How perfect is a black refractor for the man fondly known as "The Brim Reaper"?

The reason I say heart attack is because if you've ever watched George Sherrill come out of the 'pen in the 9th inning to get a save, you know that he enjoys living on the edge. He's a dangerous kind of guy. Look at how straight that brim is? Does he look like the kind of guy who takes the easy way out? Absolutely not! If the Orioles are up by 3, he'll give up a leadoff single, followed by 2 walks before striking out the next 3 hitters. If they're only up by a run, he immediately records the first 2 outs, before giving up a double, or walking somebody before wriggling his way out of it. Despite his cardiac pitching style he is still an effective closer, and a fan favorite in Baltimore (might have something to do with the fact that he wears #52)

I for one, am not a fan of his nail-biting saves, but do appreciate his flat brimmed stylings.

This is my second Heritage black refractor, and the first from 2008.

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